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…Is what I would be saying , except this site doesn’t tell people what decisions to make. We do that ourselves…
From your description of the lovely Nguyen, she is a raving CG (Compulsive gambler!) Just like me. Unfortunately I don’t have her physical attributes but I sure could match her manipulative skills any day and I would have a great eye for the guys who could enable me when I wanted to gamble.
We are all grown adults here and as you know we are told «love is blind» . I disagree with that statement. I actually think «love is clear sighted» . Addiction is what blinds us. I do know that. Look at yourself man. You might be as addicted to Nguyen as she is to the card tables.
That’s my tuppence worth. No judgement intended.
It is NO surprise at all that your lovely lady will breeze through casino doors regardless of previous experiences. That’s what CGs do. The human mind has a mechanism that wipes bad memories swiftly away, to allow for the next fix.
It’s up to you whether you want to be cleaned out or not . CGs are experts in that field and when we finish with one enabler, we move on to the next.
My advice (even though you only asked for feedback) would be to keep your cash ‘n cards under lock ‘n key.
Just sayin’!
Look after YOU.
Keep posting!