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LOL Meg….thanks for that, you are an absolute hoot as always.  I will definitely give you a bell if i ever find myself buying a ticket to Italy!!!  While i know im on the road, i guess maybe im looking for that spiritual side of myself, if there really is one!!! 
Angelina could play me anytime, although i think she would be a tad dissapointed if she saw me…lol.
Laura, as always, my voice of reason, yes, i am impatient, and i need to stop and smell the roses more.  I wanted the boring mundane life, and now i have it im looking for a bit of excitement (not gambling related at all of course!!).  I feel i need something to look forward to, be it a fantasy, a wish, a goal, something to occupy my mind, to give me something to focus on. 
I had word today that the house i rent is being appraised by 2 real estates next week.  I have that sinking feeling that we will be on the move again.  These are the times that i hate my addiction, i had it all, even the picket fence, and i lost it to gambling.  The thought of moving makes my stomach churn, its such a hard job, although im not planning anything just yet, i will wait and see what is happening first.  For once, im not jumping to conclusions, do you hear that Harry….the crystal ball is broken and im not looking to fix it.  What will be, will be, and perhaps if it does happen i will find somewhere i like even more.  Every cloud has a silver lining.
Speaking of clouds, we just had the most amazing storm i have ever seen in my entire life…constant lightning for at least 40 minutes, massive thunder, and eventually super heavy rain.  I sat in my back room with my blinds open and watched it all.  I was thinking of the people of QLD,  when the cyclone hit, how terrifying it must have been for them.  I got the most amazing light show i have ever seen, the wonder of nature!!!
Anyway, take care my friends,
Kathryn xxxxxxxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan