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Good call, K.  I agree, she should work her ass off to be in great shape, do her hair and makeup beautifully, and practice the mantra "Princesses are ALWAYS pretty!!!" and she’ll be just fine.
I too had an experience like this one not too long ago.  Unfortunately, I took the road less travelled and caused World War 3 in my family.  My niece asked me to be maid of honor at her wedding. It was an honor and in the heat of the moment, I said yes.  But then reality hit.  I had just had my second son and was MORE than a little bit lumpy.  She started sending all the dress ideas via e-mail and I became more and more panicked!!  I couldn’t handle the whole sausage squeezing into the too small casing thing. And, I was tired … exhausted from lack of REM sleep … and she was beginning to look like a bit like Bridezilla. So, I took a huge breath … and backed out as gently as I could!
Long story short, she is still not speaking to me today, even though the marriage has ended.  The issue brought out a side of her I had never seen, so I’m really not all that heart-broken.  This is a girl for whom I had done a million things … who could rely on me more than she could her mother.  I tried to explain that I really was honored, but that it was a really challenging time in my life … but no go.  So …. unless Jode wants to face that kind of wrath, I suggest she go the "grin-and-bear-it route.
That’s my two cents for today.  Cleaning like a mad woman and am just about to settle down to help my youngest with his project for school. 
Talk soon.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.