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Hi All,
Well im back, actually, i got back yesterday but we had a party to go to last night and i didnt have time to post.  Britney was AMAZING. I dont care what the critics say, yes, she lipsynced but with all the running and dancing she did i dont know how she could possibly sing anyway.  It was a terrific show, Brea loved it.  We spent all day, and i mean all day on Friday shopping, i was exhausted as im not really a big shopper.  I ended up with the biggest blister on my foot, its the size of a watermelon!!! We went for dinner down at Sydney Harbour, it was a really balmy night and we sat out, had dinner by candlelight, a few drinks, it was just fantastic.  We had some really good mother/daughter time.  We did nothing but laugh, she has a fantastic sense of humour, she really is a funny girl!
When we were coming home, we were sitting on the plane and she put her head on my shoulder and told me she loved me and what a great time she had.  That one single line made the whole trip even better!
Oh, Meg, my jeans stayed up, thankfully but im sure i looked very strange pulling them up while trying to hide my spanx underneath! 
So last night we went to a 40th.  This man has been friends with Damian virtually since birth. He is the kindest, sweetest person i have ever known and everyone he meets just loves him.  It was a huge party and i got to catch up with quite a lot of people i havent seen for many years.  I have to admit, im a little under the weather today, although Damian has had several trips to the ‘porcelain bus’ and he is now recovering on the couch! 
I have a favourite moment from last night.  Damian has a friend who im sure is a raging alcoholic, hes a little weedy man who happens to be the postman but he would never hurt a fly. It was raining last night and there was a big marquee in the backyard.  There was a fire going and i was standing under the marquee (god forbid my hairdo got wet) when i looked out and this man was dancing, in the rain, around the fire.  Everyone was laughing at him and i thought, what a great idea, so out i got, from under that marquee and started dancing with him.  Here we were, just the two of us, i actually thought of Nancy and her old saying about dancing in the rain. We danced and danced, it was a really freeing feeling.  I had a great time, we didnt get home till after 2am, which is really late for me.  We were laying in bed this morning and i said to Dames, whats the time. He said, it must be 10am.  When we looked at the  clock, it was 2pm, we had slept all that time! 
Im so glad to be back, i was very tempted to jump on the site at an internet cafe and just check all was well while we were in Sydney.  But i thought id get in trouble from Harry so i didnt! 
I hope you are all well, i missed being here, but now im back so theres no escape!
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxxxxxxxxxxxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!