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Hi Kathryn,
I think it has been ten days or so since I have been able to get to thread and check in with you.  I have been catching up on your thread in between trying to participate in a group chat, which didn’t last long as I was then called to fix the mess my oldest son was making giving himself a buzz cut.  It was quite a sight lol.  He had used a guard on the clippers that was way to small and left a near bald patch up the back of his head lol.
It seems as though you have been feeling much the same as me these days.  So thank-you thank-you thank-you for stopping by to boost my spirits and give me a pep talk.  I wonder too if some of the empty feelings can be related to the chemical changes in our brain.  My counsellor said that the irritability and down feelings can come and go for up to two years.  Add to that all our self improvement, digging deep into ourselves and not a wonder we can be a little out of whack.
But we are fighters or we wouldn’t be here.  So we will keep on working through these things with a steady determination.  So glad you are here on this journey
Well, I have to run and finish getting supper ready.
Take care, I’ve been thinking of you.