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Hi guys!
It has been a long wile since i last wrote here.
I can say i am very happy because im doing fine,since my last post has not touched any form of gambling,and luckily the craving is avoiding me too.
I had a 6time therapy session with CNWL gambling clinic,and i must say it was really good as im not a big fan of group therapy but this was a one on one and the person i talked to was really nice and helped me a lot.
I learned a lot about why do i gamble and how can i resist,and it felt really good just to talk to someone without being judged.
I can only recommend it to all of you guys,who are having difficulities.
I can not say im healed now and everything is fine,but i feel much stronger and positive about myself,and im sure i will carry on on the road i started.
Everything is good,life is happy again!