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It seems as if you are working too hard for too little pay, Sherrie. I’m so sorry that some FATCAT will be lining his pockets with your money. I fed those money grabbers for years but not today…
A few years ago , when I was on a very decent salary, 85% went towards payment of gambling debt.
The thoughts that drove me to gambling were as follows » I might as well be gambling because I’m working for nothing»
or «I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb».
I realize, as you rightly point out,that I really cannot be trusted with money either. Apart from gambling, I can be very frugal at times but if I start spending (say at times like Christmas), I can lose the run of things very easily.
Also if I know there is a long wait until payday (like this month) I can get very panicky and start believing that «one good win» can sort it all out. The thing is I have had several «good wins» many times and they only led me to the next need to «sort it all out»!
This week/month/year has been G free for me, thank God. I also have to take some credit for it (God won’t stop us directly). At the start of the month I told my husband he would be coming shopping with me. He moans and groans which is a great excuse to make a detour to the casino on shopping trips ( one hour in the shops-ten hours in the slots)
We had 4 shopping trips. I had to buy 2 New Baby presents . I got him to check the prices . (His attitude is «if you want it buy it ; to hell with the price») but after a few dirty looks and non contact kick in the shins, he agreed to buy the items with 50% off rather than the first thing that came to hand. ‘Hard on him, because I love buying baby clothes and would spent all day in the shops. The other two trips were for groceries. «Spend 50 , get 10 off» also drives him crazy because I add up the exact amount in my head to make sure I avail of that precious ten quid voucher…
Compare this frugality to our gambling spends, Sherrie.
We can be like different people on a different planet.
Don’t expect your husband to comprehend all this mind boggling dollop.
Just get him to be with you when you spend. Show him the receipts. Let him handle the money It will make you richer, it will still be YOUR money and you won’t have half as many temptations to gamble, knowing it isn’t possible.
Start again, Sherrie.
You are not alone.