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      I have just joined this site as I am once again sitting here after five days waiting for my partner to return home. Again I seen the signs that he wanted to go on one of his gambling sprees, his moods changed he started to pick arguments with me when I came in from work. He would speak abruptly to me when he did speak and his face always looked angry and tence. I kept telling myself it’s because he’s getting stressed about going in hospital for a operation but deep down I knew why he was causing rows. I met my partner 18 years ago I had children from my previous marriage I had been on my own with my children for 2 years had a mortgage and life was on the up after my divorce. We hit it off straight away and within a couple of months he moved into my home, within a few months I would catch him out in lies over silly things and he never seemed to have much money even though he had a good job. He said most of his money was going to child maintenance which I thought was great he was providing for his 4 year old daughter. Long story short his money was going in the bookies. He would break down a couple of times and say sorry and he would never bet again, and he only done it because his ex was giving him a hard time and it was a way of escaping his problems. And so on it goes every excuse in the book, but now he says it’s his money he can do what he likes with it and if I don’t like it I can end the relationship. I am so glad I never got his name on the mortgage I know we would of lost our home years ago. His attitude is to blame me and if i maded him happy he woulden’t gamble he gets verbally aggressive then leaves. I know in a couple of days when he has been sleeping in his car and all his money has gone, he will come home looking like he is homeless and once again he knows I will feel sorry for him. He then will give me his bank card and say for me to have all his money and that he won’t ever bet again within 6 weeks the process starts all over again. So sorry to have ranted on especially on my first visit I really wish I can be stronger this time and say enough is enough.Stay strong.

Mostrando 0 respuestas a los debates
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