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      Hi everyone, Im scared of what my gambling is doing to my life, I have lost thousands of pounds playing online slots, I am on miraplexin for rls ( restless leg syndrome) and have been reading that compulsive gambling is a side affect, I cant cope with my rls without the miraplexin so today I have installed Betfilter . Its on an 8 day trial and I could uninsatll it ( as its a trial version) but whats the point?
      I have no money to play the slots untill tommorow when I get paid. Today is my first day of not gambling, I will just have to go to bed soon as the aching and longing to play the slots is coming over me in big waves. I hate this life. I just dont know where all this is going to end, Im feeling a little low and a lot sorry for myself as I am hurting inside really bad with the guilt and shame of what Im doing.  Just reading through the forum has given me some hope , thanks to you all.If you keep thinking what you keep thinking, and keep doing what you keep doing, you will keep getting what you keep getting..

Mostrando 0 respuestas a los debates
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