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Hi Charlster, I hope your health check went well.
I love your list for peaceful living . I echo what Sybil say about your high intelligence .. In fact it is apparent that Sybil falls into this category herself .
Earlier I was reading some posts and it occurred to me now that you two could easily write several books : blogs together . I love reading both your posts .. It is my my fix of daily wisdom!! Now there’s a title for you!!!

Thank you for your kind posts on my thread .
I will look up the depression link but I honestly think you hit the nail on the head on my thread … I lack a strategy, I lack a plan … I drift ..
It is fabulous that you are urge free. Is this as a result of the new prescription ? I once tried NAC, but I think it made my tummy ill… It was amazing as it didn’t stop thoughts but it stopped them hold and becoming urges. It also helped with some “ladies ” issues which I am not going to write about here lol..

All this talk of brain plasticity has really filled me with such hope ..
We can all change! Our thoughts and urges can change !!