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HI Everyone.

Hopeful your recovery has progress and for those who are in despair I wish you can find the courage to continue to seek help and attend GA for support.

For myself, Been doing well and GF for 3 years.
I been working hard on my 12 steps and today I wanted to share a quote from Timothy 6:10

“The love of money is the root of all evil”

While money is require for the world to turn around and neccessay , it is the LOVE of money , not money itself that is the root of evil.

One gets desperate, materialistic and greedy,.
These are all defects of character that can be overcome no matter how strong those feeling are.
Believe me I have felt all those feelings very strongly.

I think its important to make amends to myself and people around me who are hurt by those defects.

Try to recognize when we are wrong and admit to it.

God Bless