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Hi IDI, It’s Meghna not Meghan  🙂

i guess that message should be posted on steevs thread. I am sure he will appreciate it.

As far as sermons and church is concerned, I’ve never quoted anything biblical. I have never read the bible nor do I follow that faith. I have my own faith in a creator. call him/ her god or any other name. this is my thread (which you posted on) and it is up to me what I write about and how I express myself. I am not out to reform or give sermons to anyone. My posts are for my own record.

‘I agree some of us need to hear the message very directly but please advise actions we can take – we can go to church if we want a sermon!’

That is your opinion and I do not have to or intend to give ‘sermons’ to anyone here, including you. Please do not dictate how I ought to write on my own thread and what I must say to express my thoughts and feelings.

you yourself have talked about ‘God’ in some of your posts 

Hope you have a good day!
thank you