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I don’t have large sums of money. It’s just my pay and some of my pay plan is a monthly bonus. Some are good months and some are bad. I’m spending my pay and not saving and holding off paying bills. I told my sister to tell her friend not to ask me anymore to go and I told her that she, my own sister, is a trigger for me because of when she asks to go and tells me when she goes and wins. We both have to stop. I think she is ready to try also. I went to my women’s support group again and it was just 2 of us because the weather was bad but gave us opportunity to talk more. There is a week long session coming up in April which is daily speakers and therapy sessions which I think I need to attend. I have to take a week off work though but I could use the break anyway. I did go play again this week and lost of course and feel like I keep starting over. When does it kick in that enough is enough.