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I believe my last gambling day was March 13th, 2018. A very significant date: the day after my Husbands death. I’m counting my gamble free time in months not days as it is easier for me to keep track of. I feel like my mindset has changed a lot. I find that I am changing and evolving in many ways. Good ways!! I had my overdue haircut yesterday and feel much better about myself. I noticed that when I gambled, I wouldn’t splurge on myself. We should be our first priority. How can we give our selves to others: family and friends, if we don’t care for ourselves? Last night was a mixture of snow and rain, making the firefighters jobs a little more manageable. More is in the forecast. Our Governor has declared a state of emergency. This will help to get more funding as there are more wildfires burning. I have a bit of a sore throat. Maybe the temperature change? I’m resting and watching 2 movies I bought from the sales bin at our local store. I’ve gamble free! I’m in control of my life and how I want the outcome to be.