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One month today. I think the longest I have gone without playing in the last 5 years is probably 2 months. So that is my next goal.
We went to the Choral performance tonight. It was very nice. The children were so talented and the music was terrific.
HOWEVER my Mom, my sister, and my family of four, plus our daughter’s friend came (so nice we all wanted to support our 16 year old)…..the drama my family can create is staggering. I argued with my sister, my Mom, my husband, my son, and my daughter. My daughter argued with my sister and her friend.I could go on and on. My husband said we should have our own reality show with how much drama we can create. I was not innocent in these exchanges.
Very stressful evening overall. Parking was atrocious people everywhere.
Nothing but household chores for tomorrow. Glad to have no plans tomorrow. I need some rest.