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Lizbeth, Gunner, Laura and P, thank you for your posts, they are, as always, much apprecieated.
So, its easter time.  Happy easter to you all!
i am on day 2 of a 5 day break.  I have been busy cleaning the house, which im afraid doesnt look that way! 
Yesterday i went back to our holiday destination with one of my friends from work.  I had left my jeans there, dont ask me how, and i had taken one of their pillows so we made the trek to do the swap.
We had a great day, we shopped, ate, attended an art show, it was the nicest day ive had for quite some time.  We also laughed a lot which i felt i really needed.  She is a great friend and although we havent been friends for long we clicked right away.  We seem to have an underlying understanding of each other at work, and only need to glance at each other to know what the other is thinking.  Its great to have a friend at work, sure, the other girls are great but its lovely to have someone there that i can trust and talk to and know that what i say will go no further.
Today we got a new addition to our family.  Our little girl Hailey (named after Harry and Bailey) was chosen by us and bought home.  Oh but she is gorgeous.  Theres something about a baby animal that makes you go all silly.  I do hope she is good at catching mice because they are becoming a bit of a problem here!!! Although if she isnt we will love her anyway!!!  I got a cat that was totally different from our last one.  She has kept us all busy all day!!
So im playing easter bunny shortly, once i can get the kids to sleep!!!  It will be chocolate city tomorrow and chocolate hangovers tomorrow night!! lol
Hope you are all well and happy,
Love  Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan