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Hi Guys,
Oh, woke up with a headache. Didn’t sleep too well. Seems to be happening a bit more lately for no real reason. I get in bed and forget how to fall asleep! Stupid isn’t it? I’m stressing over something not sure what.
Off today, Martin Luther King Holiday today. We are meeting up at my sisters house to go to the nail place for mani-pedi’s today. Mom gave all us "girls" (my sister, nieces, daughter and me) gift certificates for Christmas and this seems to be the one day we are all off school/work and can go. We will go to lunch after. Should be a good day and I have been looking forward to it.
Wish I had gotten up early enough for a workout but with the poor sleeping I can’t motivate myself to get up early. Well maybe later. Still frustrated as heck over the weight. Down a couple pounds but I won’t give myself credit because I believe that was just swelling thats gone down. I do feel smaller, so maybe some muscle gain after all. The belly does seem smaller so that I will take.
I struggle with this as I’m sure you can tell and I am terrified that this is it for me, that I will repeat the past and just start gaining it all back. I can’t let that happen, not this time. It will be the end of me. Recovery will not mean a thing to me if I wind up disabled due to obesity and diabetes.