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Thanks for your thoughtful posts Guys.
First thing is Yes Therese, I will pen that letter and I thank you for the info. I would encourage everyone to who reads that to do likewise, bettie-anti gambling activist, I kind of like that!
On the sponsor front, maybe I was a bit harsh. My fears take over and I run at the mouth a bit. I believe my spirituality is my business and God knows me. She didn’t bring what ever she was going to bring and we had our own mini-meeting which went well. I do like her as a person, I respect her opinion, but we agreed to a 30 day trial and if I am not comfortable I promise myself I will move on.
I did have a few surprises yesterday. The work goal was updated and I (cross your fingers!) am down to $67 to go. Work is so slow! I pray that they will lower the goal, which they have done in the past, so I have some breathing room. They will disqualify as much as they can but again, failure is not an option. I have 4 days after Christmas to add some insurance that come 5 weeks from now I will NOT start the year on a written warning!
When I got to my meeting they had just started but the chair person moved aside and said here, you are the chair tonight! So I did it, and I was pleasantly surprised. I do like being the boss, lol!
TDIK, funny you should say what you did. I had someone say the same thing to me last night. "Someone lied to you!" she said, "You are beautiful inside and out, and you are funny too! We really have to work on you." ( I started the group with a joke, so typical of me!) I sometimes thought I would like to do stand up comedy. Maybe a new career choice?
G, thanks for coming to my defense! I feel well protected with friends like you to support me!