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…is the biggest scam on earth…it’s like holding a juicy bone in front of a dog and saying “Don’t lick!”
But we have a better chance than the dog with the juicy bone,Barbs. We have support, advice, options, recovery tools and memories.
The best tip I can give you as a newbie, is “postpone the next bet”. A guy called Lee gave me that advice the very first time I posted here.
I’m an old-timer now. I’ve had my ups and downs .I have walked away empty handed often enough to know that gambling is NOT fun. I have spent too many sleepless nights adding, subtracting, counting back, waiting for payday, only to press replay each time.
I have lost too much and money is by far the least of my losses. When you lose your pride/dignity/friends/family, indeed your very soul, it’s time to wake up!
These days, I concentrate on the plans to re build like you mentioned. Restoring our self esteem, our health and our finances is very rewarding.
I knew in my head from the getgo that compulsive gamblers never win…my bank statements and a six figure loss over the “fun” years are clear evidence of that , but it was only when I heard a member in GA saying at a meeting “There is NO point in gambling because , as CGs we will NEVER WIN that it sunk to a different level and every time I think of gambling now, I say “whats the point. I will NEVER EVER win”.
We have had our “fun”.
Just for today I have exchanged my misery for peace.
Gambling is no longer part of my life.
I wish you well in recovery.