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Hey Steph,

Thanks so much for posting it means so much! Yes you are right, even though he was really angry and was in complete shock. I am going past tomorrow to get the rest of my things, is it fine if I say the above stuff to him, not sure how to the word the whole you gave a problem gambler thousands of dollars and expected it to be ok. I have been getting lectures all day from my parents and I know I have to suck it up, every time I go into my room I see everything I have in plastic bags and it makes me sad. My partner got on really well with my older sister (who will lecture me the most tbc) and he loves my nieces, generally the routine is on a Friday he comes past to see them and pick up one of the kids for a sleepover with us. I heard his going over to speak with her, not sure what conversation will be like apart from them both agreeing how stupid, deceitful and useless I am. Great another stamp to add onto my book! I am not even meant to know and don’t know whether to say anything when I see him tomorrow if he even talks, he might bring it up. Oh everything just hurts now and I have alot of answers to give my family about how I lost the money but I can’t bring myself to say it. Everyone acts like my partner is too good for me and that I should try and get back to him but after yesterday I don’t know. Right now I am confused and lost and feel very alone.