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Thank you for your post on my thread. You are correct in your analysis of my recovery journey. There is a spirtual battle going on. I believe that we are all in some sort of spiritual battle. When I had to admit that I had no control whatsoever over this addiction, I admitted that no amount of promises was going to keep me clean. I chose to self ban and it helped, but like all addictions, you have to cut off and evaluate the triggers. I am still getting to the root, if I am honest, I am probably more abstinent than recovering. I have some barriers, but have left the backdoor open.
What opened your backdoor after going 6months? How does that happen? I see it in my own life. I made it about 4months before a new avenue presented itself. I have to pull up the roots, but while I am digging, I have to make sure that I’m not watering the tree!