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      hello my name is gary an today is day two off bein gamble free i jst woke an all i can think about is doin a bet AKA losing money oh god this journey is goin to be hard.but i will not let this defeat me i will be strong an stay faithful to my decision off staying gf as hard as it is my life will be better off without this terrible addiction in it.goin to take my son out today jst to take my mind off it.for me this is a long nitemare im currently livin in i hope soon i wake up fro this nitemare an start to live my dream off bein gf.jst thought that if i post everytime i get the urge an read some other post it will help me reliese wats best for me an bein gf is best for me.
      through your posts i read i gather strengh an courage to beat this terrible addiction i have.

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