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      We’re having a bit of a family dilema here and I really want advice before I totally believe it’s true. My siblings and other family members, plus friends, believe that this is problem gambling. The gambler is doing their best to convince anyone that they’ve got it all wrong and that they are simply very, very lucky and skilled at playing slots. The reported winnings are extreme and so frequent that I have a hard time believing it all. This person reports winning not only regularly, but hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. We can see large amounts of money being taken from the bank and don’t know how much this person is actually getting of the money…but figure part of it (maybe a big part) is indeed going to gambling. There has been approx. 25,000 taken from the accounts in the past 3 months, plus the lies and the hiding of what is really happening. Who can tell me how likely, or unlikely, it is to win nearly every time they say they are gambling?

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