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I’m glad to hear you took some steps to help your daughter sort out her own life Lizbeth. It would be so much easier to keep ”hand-feeding” her. This was a very difficult step for you to take. I know that. When my son was 17, he refused to go to school and refused to get a job. He made life Hell at home and every time he ”kicked off”I would run to the casino (CGS WILL ALWAYS FIND AN EXCUSE TO GAMBLE,OF COURSE) Eventually he left home…..Seventeen years old. No job. No accommodation…..He knew that this would always be his home but there would be terms and conditions attached to living here. He didn’t come back. Almost ten years on , and he wasn’t made many changes. He still has no regular job. Just occasional work. He has an apartment which he shares with people who seem to have ”issues” and who are now the ones who ”press all the wrong buttons” like I did! He ignores my texts and calls most of the time, but does pay us a visit every so often. Usually to help his father, following weeks of pleading . These visits more often than not end up in tears. The last time he was polite to me (I really thought he was turning a corner then) was when I met him, went for a walk and a chat 18 months ago and lent him 2 grand. He promised faithfully he would pay me back by the week. I got about four hundred then the ignoring/abuse started up all over again. Every thing that went wrong in his life is all my fault. Great to be able to blame someone for our own mess!
Of course we will think/hope/pray for our wayward children every day Lizbeth, but we cannot take one step for them. When we can no longer hold them in our arms, all we can do is hold them in our hearts.
My guess is they are survivors Liz and will surprise us yet!
Watch this space!