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Good morning Kathryn, and it is a good morning here, after about three week of December type weather (but with rain not snow) we have a nice "October" day. It has been raining so much here that the mighty Mississippi has once again flooded the streets bordering our Gateway Arch — this is the eighth time this year that that section of town, and another one up river, has been closed. Too bad(or not) for the gambling boats that I used to visit at those locations, they have to close for a few days.
Thanks for your reply, it has been a while since we have exchanged post, but I read you often. As for attending or not attending GA meetings, like you say we are all different. I go mainly to strengthen my commitment not to gamble, my effort to go is the reinforcement, not necessary the the step-process or the mandates — I do however come away with a better understanding of my addiction and the knowledge that there are "real" Fellow Gamblers out there that share in being a CG, for this I do recommend it for others to try and will continue my participation.  Like you I find this site, as part of my 3 G’, my strongest influence. 
My secrets were not secrets per se, only reluctance to how they might encourage others to take some "not-wise" chances.  But as reminded by the Helpline moderator, I need to do what will help me without worrying about the perception of others.  It is a cold remark, but what others think or perceive is their problem.  Each of our postings here, like our attendance at GA meetings, do influence others, but we must do this for ourselves, not our loved ones, families, or friends – in the end they too will benefit in our new being, but not without us acting on our personal need. 
As for my boast that I am doing good, I am truly thankful that I can humbly make this claim, I have worked hard to achieve it.
Thanks for listening, and to expand of the GA closing to sharing, I will be back, but not back to gambling.

"Day Two Is Another Day Away" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will not have to relive a Day 2.– 11/4/2009 10:12:59 PM: post edited by paul315.