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Round 2…..
I was driving home from work last night when i happened to look up and saw 8 hairy legs disappearing over my windscreen onto my car roof.  The beast has not left the building!!! so its outside of the car, and i pull over in the dark and jumped out, trying to see if i could see it, to squash it into kindgdom come, but alas, nothing.
I had the heebie jeebies all the way home, i had to drive home knowing that it was on my car…AAAAHHHHH!  Sheer terror!  I kept feeling like something was crawling on me, i had my shirt pulled tight around my neck and i kept letting out little screams every time i felt the tiniest thing.  It was awful.  Why wont it go away, what is it about my little car that it loves so much.  I dont know how im going to drive it today.
I have a spider stalker!!!
When i got home Bailey tells me there was another one in the house and im standing right near it! I nearly had a coronary, but i think Dames got it with the flyspray.  I always find them when we have had hot weather and there is rain on the way.  I am freaking out!!!
Im thinking of spraying the whole car with flyspray, inside and out, just to ease my mind, if its there, the flyspray will surely do its work.  Spiders terrify me, im ok with the little ones but this is the BIGGEST one i have seen for a long time. 
I have to go to town today to meet Damian, in my car!!!! If i dont post in the next few days you know that the spider has won the battle, im just thinking, ill take a spare shoe with me and i can squash it if it is inside the car.  If that man had done it yesterday i wouldnt be writing this so i blame him!!!
Anyway, enough ranting, i hope you are all having a wonderful gamble (and spider) free day.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!