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Oh Vera, you know me soooo well!!!
That was hysterical, i nearly wet myself laughing.  The perfect end to a perfect day for me.  I went to the footy, had a wonderful time and to top it off my team won.  By a goal…thats 6points, a tiny margin in aussie rules.  I am ho**** from screaming and sore from dancing…i danced up a storm when they won and played the team song. 
Mind you, they played it 3 times. I had a brilliant time, it was great to see my sister and my nephew and my daughter and i laughed and laughed (until the score got close, then i couldnt speak!!) My son on the other hand decided to switch sides 3/4 of the way through…he was wearing a team hat and jumper with a jacket over the top.  He took the hat off and zipped up the jacket and said he was going for the other team ( they were very close to being in front). Well our team kicked 2 goals and what happened…the hat went back on and the jacket unzipped to show his colours. My sister and i were crying laughing.  How gorgeous is that.  There were 54,444 people there, a record for that arena and the noise was incredible.  The roar went right through me.  I loved it.  Anyway, im sure you can see that im excited we won… the other bonus is i didnt gamble (day 24).
Have a great gamble free day everyone, cant wait for group next week,
Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time