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      Hi, I started coming here at 18 of March after losing big amounts of money in just couple of hours that became a great debt in just few days!!!
      I am (want to feel that I am not no more) a gambler, from the age of 15 when I started playing online poker at freerolls tournaments using my grandmas name, since I wasn’t legally allowed to play (yes I know lol). Then I started depositing money that I was getting from selling things in the web, and charging my parents credit cards saying them that I was trying to make something etc. (I always gave them the amount I was playing with my own cash money)…
      Then I became 18…!!!& without even waiting one day, I got and get all the necessary papers to open bank accounts and get some credit cards…So I started playing with my own name in real live dealers online casinos…I started to good, was winning some money…then starting losing big and getting a small debt, since one day (Christmas day) after the Christmas dinner, I said to myself (I had all my credit cards full) and had only (yes I know lol again) 20 bucks remaining, and I dunno really know how I manage in 5 hours I was playing online from 11.30 pm till 5.00 am to make this amount a some thousands euros. So very happy I stopped playing got the money paid my debt and still had 1k and something more with which I real had some fun (even if 300 euros of that money got to betting at sports teams). When I ate the money…& I am sure u all know how is that is (is come is go money 😉 I said why not do the same again to get more I know lol…So I became "a high roller" in many online casinos and starting losing big amounts every day. Then I started saying to myself after losing that I would not play again, started praying in my life that I won’t get "close" to a table again…but a gambler has a SUPER POWER to forget what he lost till the next day, don’t know how but everybody has a super power that’s what we have ….!!!
      So I started using blockers/filters at my computer to banned myself from going in and playing again…But ’cos I am a little handy with computer I always managed to brake them and go back in, every time with bigger amounts.
      Then I tried asking the casino sites to block me but dear GOD there so many (I blocked myself from bwin,william hill,bet365,swiss,sportingbet,888,pokerheaven,paradisepoker,titan casino,titan poker etc) I can’t even remember how many but even by doing that I always would find a new place to seat and give them the money that I didn’t have.
      Then I got another credit card with a great limit…& I managed to get over it in few minutes (not even half an hour) I was playing 200 to 500 a hand at blackjack tables (I know really fckd up)…I even got the bank curious and they called me the same time ’cos they thought that I got robed (I know lol)…(they asked to tell them the first and the last amount that I deposited at the casino…& i was soooo fckd up I didn;t even remember :p) (must charge it more than 10 times in less than 30 minutes).
      After this I knew that I needed to seek help somewhere and I found this website that I mean it when I say this really really helped me/and still does!!!I knew that I couldn’t deal with all the arguments by myself and get a winner out of this big fight that I was getting every time before I got in and started playing.
      Without this site and the guys & girls that really stand by me at the group therapy sessions and the live help line and every single of u guys that has their own story to post I am really sure that I couldn’t make it.
      I am very but when I say very proud I mean it, to say that from today I am ONE MONTH AND ONE DAY GAMBLING FREE & THAT I FEEL GREAT !!!!!!
      P.S. Every start is difficult and need an enormous strength to do it…but as time passes you will see that you can deal better with the urges that become less and less powered every single day…Stay focus and God Bless You All…
      If one can do it we all can do it!!!
      (Sorry for my spelling and grammar mistakes but I didn’t seat to read it again because It’s too late & I am tired and I want to go sleep 🙂 🙂 THX FOR READING 🙂

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