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      "one day at a time" by charlie pride
      lyrics "one day at a time sweet jesus-thats all i asking of you-just give me the strength to do-just show me today-show me the way-one day at a time"
      just been to movies with my mate from gamblers anonymous sunday nite–he buys the popcorn and i the icecream-we aint got around to holding hands yet in back row–he separated-and me married with wife still in china–if this keeps up he dont look that ugly for a male–but with both not gamble tonite-that our collective therapy–and footy soon -i take the thermos flask -he the sandwiches–and we continue to fill the void of not gambling most nites.
      actually i think if i get a dog or cat be better therapy–what do reckon kathryn
      regards alanget a life-or get stuffed well and truly by a poker machine

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