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Olemme riippuvaisia lahjoitusten meille, jotka käyttävät meidän palveluihinsa tai toimialan sisällä, jotka haluavat osoittaa sosiaalista vastuuta. Ilman heitä emme olisi pysty tarjoamaan palveluitamme.

Tässä mielessä toivomme, että saavien tukemme tukee myös meille, jotta voimme jatkossakin auttaa sinua elpymistä matkaa. Jos voit, ole hyvä ja harkitse lahjoituksen. Kaikki lahjoitukset menevät suoraan palveluihimme!



Referrers and Socially Responsible Corporate Supporters 

If you represent a gambling operator, company or organisation that would like to refer people to our online gambling support services, please visit our Referrer Scheme Page and or get in touch with to discuss your individual needs. 



We are currently actively recruiting for the following volunteer roles: 


Online Advisors 

To facilitate our helpline and support groups. You must have a basic counselling qualification and some experience of helping work and be fluent in English.  We particularly welcome applications from those who speak additional languages.  We especially need support from Chinese, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Italian speakers at the moment. 


Online Researchers

To check and develop our resources database.  You must be well organised and confident with the internet, and be able to speak English and at least one other langauge.  


Web Content Translators

To check and develop our web content and work on our forums. You must be confident online and fluent in English and at least one other language. 


To apply for any of these posts, please fill in the form below.