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Γειά σου αγαπημένη μου φίλη
I can understand how full is your day now . your angels is your power and i can understand how happy you are. As for your cg i m so happy that he is free and try to find his road. He is here b you know it ,we want the baby steps b as far we have stability , we dont want large steps- only baby steps with safe.he is with you b you can feel it . as for the household : my dear that is MEN lolLLLL
Im so happy you are ok and happy .
I will write my upadate b but yes im ok and everything goes well . I just run with my dautgher health 2 months now she is now 2.5 years old . we found extra problems with her thyroid and with her cholesterol . She is a baby and her cholesterol is so so hight and that is a problem now, but there are solutions and im learning the problem (for babies) and the medicines , it is hereditary from her father. i will be ok but i want to finish all the check up with all the doctors and then i will calm .
BE happy berber
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