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I read your response on another thread, Nick regarding support on this forum.
I know when I first joined GT in 2008, what kept me from gambling was the phenomenal responses and support I received. I really felt that people cared. I used to dash home from work after a 12 hour shift to join Cathy’s Group at 9pm.
The Wednesday night groups with Monica are sorely missed.
Charles has been faithful but I think he is sick of me now. Turning up like a bad penny with the same old story can be draining.
I think support comes chiefly from other users. There is a fine line between ignoring a post and becoming over involved. The latter has been my downfall in the past.
In the early days, as soon as I made a post, there were always quick replies. We tend to expect that to continue but it doesn’t . Some posts displayed compassion. some came with words that were harsh, lots of tough love and many great laughs. The camaraderie, fellowship and banter kept a lot of members G free.
Roll on 12 years…
Things have changed. Support seems to be missing lately?
What changed?
I changed, I guess.
Perhaps I became cynical, desensitized to the needs of others or just got TIRED!
Gambling has strange effects on us, Nick.
Try not to lose hope or become despondent.
You say you gambled only 12 days out of a hundred. I probably gambled 100 days out of the last 365 days at a rough guess.
For me that was 100 days too many.
One day is enough to ruin a CG.
The cliche “progress not perfection” might be a consolation to some but in my case I use it as a justification to avoid making the improvements and changes I need to undertake to stop gambling forever.
Just my tuppence ha’lpenny worth. No judgement.
Keep posting , Nick.