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10 k is a lot of money for a CG to have access to!
Is it “his” money or the families ‘ money?
A thought struck me as I read your post…how would your husband feel if YOU were out all night , losing huge sums of money?
I’m not being smart when I ask that question. You see I WAS that CG who used to be out all night gambling but thank God not today/tonight.
Another thought…Because of the large sums being turned over, I would say , brace yourself for the discovery that may be to come that your husband had indeed credit cards and possibly other debts as well. Gambling is THE most expensive addiction. It is also progressive. I have never seen a gambler coming in to a meeting saying “I’m here because I won xxxx amount” but I have heard many saying “I lost the house, car , job but the wife doesn’t know YET”!!
This addiction knows no bounds Jessiecau.
I would say you are UNDER reacting.
Tie up your finances and check all bank accounts to make sure your mortgage, bills etc are up to date.
Don’t let any of this scare you. You are not alone. Help is available but you need to put on your own oxygen mask first.
Your husband sounds like someone who is coming to the end of his tether. Keep the communication open.