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Very Thankful to Almighty, that I have bunch of people like you who understand the illness we are facing and enlighten the path we have to follow.

But except this illness, I think my serious problem is lying to my loved ones. I was just 13 years old when I lied to my parents which is going to affect my life, but thanks to God & my Father who saved me from my first career mistake. Than everything goes fine for around 4 years, and than again I started lying about my college academic performance, but by god of grace and little struggle I came out of that very easily.

And, from there onwards Everything goes fine till Dec 2019, and I again started lying my Parents, Partner, and Loved Ones. And this is all about Debt because of my non sense life style & Gambling. The very First time I confessed and open about the illness with them in Feb 2020. Later in Nov 2020, I again started lying to get money and playing but almighty blessed me and I stopped at the time where I and my family can still cope up. In Feb 2021, I confessed and updated about my second instance.

But my current and Third instance, I don’t have guts to confess & I updated a bit about the issue I am in but not clearly opening up each piece of the shit. This time, I fear that if I update the real truth, I will be going loose all which is left with me.

I don’t know what to do, I am doing right or wrong by not telling everyone about everything; but I know there is still a smile left on my loved ones which will be vanished once I update them about my real sufferings.

Almighty please give me strength to cope up with this phase and keep my family intact.