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feel you and I understand you. I also work with the same way of thinking we have to understand Kimi we are addicted to gambling we are very different compared to normal people our mind can not enjoy gambling and see it as just a pleasure but it is compulsion stress stress bad mood even psychosomatic symptoms that will follow after our year of dealing with this thing. The basic secret to remember is not just to gamble for a month or a year or 5 years. we have to understand that in our whole life we ​​will have this problem and we have to learn to face it in our whole life. as time goes by and we do not play and we are clean or our desire for the animal will diminish we will reach a point where we will believe that even if we happen to play once we will not suffer anything. and yet this is the biggest mistake that once we play even after five years we have not played at all i know it will be enough to lead us to disaster again. the result will be to become who we once were.