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Just to write and share, whatever we used to call our gambling addiction ” an illness or disorder”, but the bitter truth is we are the one who are responsible for this and we are the only one who can cure ourselves.

So request all my friends here, just stick to the plan don’t let the guard down. And, try to save others who are new to this addiction if someone in your social circle.

I, myself is in lot of pain and guilt for my evil activities in last 2-3 years. I have literally ruined my family life, but by grace of god and blessings of you all guys here got to know that “Its only me who can fix this, but this fixture will require patience and time” may be double or triple of the time which is been taken to ruin the same.

So request all to keep your guard On, think of beautiful future which is waiting for us ( we just need to pass this messy road, and we will be in valley of happiness soon)

Almighty will grace all of us with strength and immunity to stay away from this evil demon.