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Today will be a good day…..
That is my hope. I am on day 3 and am planning to make this a day 3 gamble free. I am trying something new this time and it seems to be making it easier. I am making myself accountable for my actions on a daily basis. My pattern, as of late, was to just excuse myself for not doing things I should do such as cleaning or missing work after feeling guilty for a few minutes. I no longer give myself the permission to do so and must make amends the next day in some manner. It is keeping me busy and keeping my mind on what I am doing on an hourly basis, instead of the routine of just sliding through my day. I have taken away the lull that I could hide in to gamble. No more wasted time. I hope that this is a way to cope with the “relaxation” gambling that catches me off guard most of the time, as I am continually falling victim to the times that I have just sat down, nothing to do, and given in to the urges that are ever present. I hope that the next week of planning will yield 7 days, something I have had a lot of trouble achieving. Here’s to getting my first 7 days in a long time!!