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Today is day two. How many times have I woken with that number sticking in my brain? Too many times to count. I am full of hope and energy today. I am trying to start more than just day two without gambling. I am trying to start a new attitude of living more than just a life restricted. For too long I have been shut in, not by covid, but by my secretive addiction. I have not done much else other than gamble and work and just exist from day to day. I have let my appearance go, my health and my social life as well. I am starting to believe that gambling is like an abusive partner- it takes you from anything else that may give you pride and happiness, and degrades you to a point where you forget what other things life has to offer. I am replacing the gambling in my life with other things that are going to give me pleasure and not just living to not gamble anymore. I am on day two and looking forward to this day. Work may be a crapshoot today but I know that I will get through it and find something good to live for. I am full of hope and I hope everyone else out there is too