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I guess im a surfer for a reason I no how to ride different waves pretty well lol. I haven’t been in the water for awhile but I held my surfboard yesterday in my storage unit and no I need to get myself out there again. This morning I woke up and smudged and did a prayer to the creator. I haven’t done that properly in along time but it cleared my mind to start the day right. I walked my dog in the peaceful quiet forest where I live. And I felt so content and grateful that I live away from the busy city. I had to go into today to the concrete jungle and I hated every moment of it. It made me appreciate the serenity of where I live even more. I had brief interaction with my ex but not long enough for me to take in his dry drunk bs I just stayed positive and happy that’s why I smudged to protect myself. He hugged me for the longest time when he left as he’s hurting pretty bad but its not my job to fix him he has to do that himself. Usually I’d be trying to show him the right path but were not on the same journey together anymore so he I’ve learned to detach and let him do his own thing. I had a brief period of sadness after talking to my friend as she took her family to the beach today. I felt sad because I’m 34 alone with no kids or husband but I just slept it off. I woke up and tried to remember that I’m extremely lucky to have this time alone to heal myself properly. As my sponsor said im just going to be a late bloomer. So today I’m grateful for practicing my spirituality today. I’m grateful for the peaceful place I live. And I’m grateful for 70 days gamble free.