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Because I have been trying to quit for so long I realized aged ago that u had an issue. I have banned myself from all of the casinos and gaming houses in my province and cant even stay at a hotel that has a casino attached. I have not gone to a land based casino since any before covid started. They are not really my weakness ( so to speak) since if I wanted to go to one I would require an entire day to do so. My weakness is usually the one you can go to any time you are home, and even some times when you arent. The online are way to easy to access and require nothing more than an electronic device. I had many of those in my home so quitting has not been easy. I am trying to move past the feeling of never being able to gamble as a bad thing since I felt the same way when I was quitting smoking the first time. It was the best thing I’ve ever not done anymore. I have to be more positive and forget what I am “missing” and think more about what I am gaining. It is getting easier with time. I came home last night to an empty house, thought about trying to find gambling sites not covered under gamban and just thought it not worth the trouble. It’s a start. I hope everyone is strong and gamble free today.