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Hi Wewinwhen

When your addiction means that you cannot win if you gamble then there is no sugar coating that will make that fact any better. If you believe that a win from gambling is going to end your problems then that is not going to happen either.

No amount of sugar coating will make a gamble-free life easy at the beginning. Know your enemy, know that the devil called complacency will be waiting for you but have the knowledge, courage and determination to know you can beat him. You have the knowledge and support here.

I am writing to you because I have had the overwhelming joy of seeing someone close to me learn to control his addiction and live a wonderful life as a result. I have also had the pleasure of meeting and hearing many more who have travelled the road you are on and found fantastic gamble-free futures.

I know you can win, not with gambling but just by being the man you want to be.

Keep posting, you are being heard