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Last night I decided to do a new hypnosis technique that I learned along time ago I just haven’t applied it much since I’ve been doing EMDR treatments.I’ve been trying to focus mostly on meditation to calm my brain at night. Years ago I wrote papers when I was in school for mental health and addiction on the benefits of hypnosis and ptsd. I of course went down the wrong path for awhile and lost all those things I learned. My brain broke so I’m putting it back togeather. Anyways I had a natropath start me on hypnosis about 10 years ago after that I was hooked. I learned everything I could right down to dream interpretation. It worked while i was practicing it. So I decided to try a new one last night that was on releasing emotional blockages. The first thing I saw was me sitting in a classroom as a child my mom showed up and grabbed me and hugged me in the child form telling me I’ll be ok and that she’ll help show me the way and protect me. She grabbed my hand in the child form then turned to me as the adult form saying come with us ill help you through this. So throughout the whole hypnosis i followed her and my childform through all these doors that led me to things that I was still holding onto from childhood. By the end she had led me to a more peaceful place where I could learn to just be free from it all. It was unexplainable how free I felt or how much emotion I had even seeing my mom talk to me I haven’t heard her voice or was able to picture her well because she died when I was 11. My mom was a huge blockage for me emotionally so to see her in that light was super profound. I’m really grateful today that gambling has been removed from my life because it took away these things that helped me before. It took every part of who I am away. I was telling my ex the other day it’s scarey still to me what happened because I’m not a stupid person and to let myself get that lost mentally and into addiction terrifies me. Im so determined to make sure that I never ever get to that low again regardless of what life throws at me. I’ve definitely been tested an insane amount in the last few months but I’m not letting it take me to a dark place again. I no I deserve better than being trapped into the trance of addiction.