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@ Losingitslowly

You have written some of the best stuff I have ever read on gambling addiction. I have been gambling since I started in elementary (on and off, and of course it got more serious when I got older and the wagers grew bigger), and I started looking into ways to escape the addiction when I was maybe 19 years old give or take.

I have to say, your writings are some of the best I’ve read. Not only are you very honest, but you are good with putting your thoughts into words and then writing them here.

Some of what you have written has helped me stay clean. I have only been clean since April 2nd, and I have to say, part of the reason is because I thought about some of the stuff you wrote when I had relapse urges.

I appreciate you and hope that things get better for you, as you have used your pain and experience to help others. Thank you.