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Thanks Kin I’m definitely trying to avoid ever going back into a dry drunk again. This week has definitely tested me thats for sure. And I’m doing everything I can in my condition to keep myself connected to others. Today I reached out to a girl that posted on a random qoute from some page about trauma. I usually don’t interact on Facebook at all let alone with strangers but I felt like I had to. I told her to contact me as it sounded like she was suicidal a bit. The girl ended up sending me a message as she felt incredibly alone she’s somewhere on the other side of the world kind of like how we all are. It felt really good to be able to be there for someone else that was struggling that hard and felt nobody cared about them. I’ve learned that the only way to get outside of my own self sometimes is to reach out to others. I’ve always been the person people come to but I was really shut down and depressed especially last year when I started gambling again and nobody wanted anything to do with me. The once positive and insightful person I was just vanished into my Trauma and pain. All I no now is even though I’m working through the guilt part of losing all that money that I have to find away to make up from being in that addicted state. I hope that by being able to give some hope and strength to others no matter them be addicts or just other people struggling through life right now that it will keep me grounded and out of that self doubt mindset. It’s certainly easy to do being isolated but tomorrow I’m allowed back into the world I tested negative so I’m going to try venturing out into life again and regain a place in society lol.