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Thanks to all who have been checking in and posting on my thread. I have been busy busy busy all weekend with projects that have me sore and happy to have a few days off. I am doing some landscaping while the weather is nice and some redecorating and decluttering of my daughters room while we are both home. I am sad by my relapse but not beaten. I know that I have the strength to do 33 days again and more. I’ve always said that down time is my enemy and it proves that it is still true even when I have had 30 days clean. I am back on the straight and narrow now and will be busy back to both jobs again next week so the down time issue will once again be fixed, but yes, jvr , you are right, I need to fix the issues that surround my down time relapses. I need to find something that I can do during those times when the house is quiet and I cant make much noise and I need some relaxation. Reading is a love of mine but as I have been getting older I have found that I need to wear glasses to read and I cannot wear them for long or I get a headache. It is something for me to start doing again, perhaps in small stints of time when I am without a major project at hand, and I am going to try it tomorrow. Today I am at laundry, my daughters closet and dressers, a stone retaining wall and easter dinner at my moms. Happy easter everyone.