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Hi Benjamin

You have made the first move towards a better future by coming here. I hope you will join Charles, as suggested, he will understand exactly where you are coming from.

Unless loved ones know why you are depressed and the extent of the damage that has landed unexpectedly in their lives they cannot begin to understand or support in the right way. I know that you neither asked for, nor wanted, an addiction to gamble but I am fairly sure that your wife will struggle to understand. Families usually do know that something is wrong but they just don’t know what – it is generally very unsettling. Many wives believe their husbands have met somebody else and that they are no longer loved. Owning the addiction to gamble is, indeed, like having a demanding mistress.

I cannot tell you what to do; you need to make your own decisions but hopefully you will get the knowledge on his site to make the right decisions for both you and your wife. I facilitate the Friends and Family groups and I would be delighted to welcome your wife on a Tuesday or Thursday evening where we can communicate in real time and where her worries and fears will be understood.

We also have a Friends and Family where she is welcome to write her concerns, anonymously. If she should chose to do this, I think it is best that you do not read her thread but allow her to work her way through ‘her’ problems because she will need to recover too. I will always answer her.

I wish you well and I am glad that you have had the courage to write your first post,

Whatever you decide to do please keep posting


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