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We win iv just read your post and am myself new to this community and many others I haven’t gambled in quite a while but only recently admitted that I was a gambling addict and not just that it was a problem it took me losing nearly everything. The advice offered here is a lot better than any I could give I (as can many) can just relate heavily to your story. The systems/hacks money making SURE bets I think iv tried most of them always expecting a different out come it never is and it wasn’t until I realised I could win the lottery and would still justify losing it all gambling that I knew I was in trouble. I know the feeling of not wanting to go on and feeling that the debt is the reason to go back it wasn’t until I was able to separate the two that as @losingitslowly just said the fog lifted and I realised my depression and dark thoughts were indeed partly there because of the debt but predominantly it was the gambling that was causing the spiral I was able to move forward. I’m now trying to move forward day by day and tackling each challenge one by one. I found that QuitGamble had a happiness test and some really helpful course, the change plan is a really good place to start it helped me reflect and write down not just what has happened but to look forward and for the first time in a long time I feel I can look to the future and appreciate what is in front of me.

Sorry for the rant still getting used to writing in forums I hope you are still keeping well and taking it day by day.