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Once again, your response was written/put very well. You are extremely on point and accurate. Even when you said it sounds like I plan on going back if I get more money. That’s exactly what I did prior to you posting your response and after I wrote my last response.

I actually had about two grand left and I told myself I was done yesterday and that I’d live normal with this two grand, but what did I do? As an unemployed person with no consistent source of income, I went and tried the strategy again. I ended up going back and forth to and from the casino/cardroom and got up about 900 give or take by trying to win 120 each trip. Of course, the strategy didn’t work long before it failed, which costed me that 900 plus more. What did I do after that? I went home and told myself I was done. Less than an hour or so later, my mind convinced me to grab 1000 of the last money I had to try and win it back playing without a repetitive strategy, and instead playing however I felt in the moment. I lost that in a matter of minutes and then went back again with my last money, a little bit over 100.

Then I realized. I am sick. I probably needed to lose all of my money because I need to feel the struggles of a gambling addict to stay away forever. I am at day 1 again, and aim to quit forever, but I also acknowledge that I am sick with this addiction, a challenging addiction that convince me to go even after I decided I wouldn’t (impulsive/compulsive). It will not be easy to shake this addiction, but I know part of it comes with bettering my situation so I don’t get caught up with gambling.