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Hey vintagehoby to answer your question life has gotten alot better for me because I put alot of effort into my recovery. Cleaning up the mess is taking a bit longer but thats part of the process. I was just reading about what you said about being tempted. The only thing that works is the blockers you have to remove yourself from anyway of gambling. It takes quite a few weeks to get through that withdrawl/temptation stage so you really have to force yourself to make sure you can’t gamble again. I understand how hard it is we’ve all been through it. It was the same when I quit drinking and doing drugs I had to stay away from people,places,and things that associate with those. Same goes for gambling. That’s what’s harder for us is we are all attached to our phones like flies on shit these days lol. But having a phone with easy access means putting those barriers in place like the ones losingitslowly mentioned. If you don’t your gonna continue this cycle over and over.