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We win, I am at a loss. The only suggestion that I can offer is that as soon as you lose at a casino, when you are feeling crappy and used up, that you self exclude from that casino as you are leaving. It is what i did years ago and I’ve not been back since. The covid pandemic has helped because they were closed, but I am afraid to go in because there is a risk that I will be arrested. I cant take that chance. It is so very clear that you dont have the ability to abstain on your own. It’s ok. It’s a problem that we all have had at one point in time or another, and if you put me within range of a casino at my lowest point then I may have been exactly in your spot. There is very little you can do other than just hit rock bottom, lose all of your money and maybe end up homeless. Would that be enough to stop you? There has to be a way for you to stop without that being the inevitable course. Have you thought about getting a job? I know that you have stated that you are unemployed and out of work in your field. Have you thought about just getting a job outside your field other than food delivery? You need to have a job that takes your time away from being able to gamble. I am so busy some weeks that I dont even have time to think about it. You need a control in your life. You need restrictions. You need blocks. If and until you do things to disable your trips to the casino the cycle will continue. You have to stop. You seem like you cant. Other than a treatment facility that will do what needs to be done, which is simply stop you from going and treat the disease, there is little you can do that hasnt already been told to you. YOU CANT SEEM TO STOP YOURSELF SO FIND A WAY TO STOP YOURSELF FROM BEING ABLE TO GAMBLE. So many ways have been suggested. Try some of them. Do something other than dig yourself deeper into the hole you’re in. You dont seem to want to stop enough to do anything about it. When will enough be enough for you? I’m not trying to be mean or condescending, its just that you just dont seem to get it. You have to stop. Will it help for you to think of gambling as a drug? You are in so deep that you cant seem to go a day without it. Do something else because what you are doing isnt working.